Our Process, Our Vision



Every baking day, Ellie and her sidekick  Brady team up to make sure each batch of Brady's Biscuits is barkalicous! Ellie has perfected her special recipe; Brady stands ready to taste-test whenever the time is right. 

Handmade with love


Our bone-shaped treats are lovingly made using hand-made dough  hand-cut in different sizes.  Fun-shaped "seasonal specials" can often be found hidden inside...tiny footballs, hearts and shamrocks to name a few.

A little "extra" in every bag


We make three sizes of treats - large, medium and mini.  Be sure to look for "Ellie's Extra," a card with a fun fact about dogs, tucked inside each bag! 



Brady's Biscuits come in resealable zip-lock pouches to keep them tasty fresh for at least two weeks.  They can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer to extend shelf life.



Re-fillable containers are available in two sizes and two styles: a small glass jar with a tight seal and a slightly larger  acrylic locking canister.  Each can be personalized for your pup.  More merchandise will be available soon.  

Our Vision


As our business grows, we seek to employ individuals with varying abilities to work in all facets of our company. Our aim is to be an inclusive workplace where each employee is valued and encouraged to reach his or her own potential.